Reuters launches new direct data feed service

Source: Reuters

Reuters (LSE: RTR, NASDAQ: RTRSY), the global information company, announced that Reuters Data Feed Direct (RDF Direct), a new ultra low latency direct data feed service, is now available to the market.

Reuters customers on both the buy and sell-side are increasingly turning to ultra low latency infrastructures to fuel their automated trading environments, including trading algorithms. To meet that demand, this service offers the combination of a managed Reuters solution, including remote monitoring and maintenance of each server, as well as compatibility with Reuters Integrated Data Network (IDN), achieved by using the RIC symbology and programming framework already employed across Reuters data feed portfolio and Reuters Market Data System (RMDS). This provides valuable consistency for customers who have bought or written applications using Reuters in the past.

The most compelling aspect of this offering is its sheer speed. By connecting clients directly to each trading venue, whether an exchange or electronic communications network, and bypassing Reuters datacenters entirely, Reuters Data Feed Direct reduces the data latency by several critical tenths of a second when compared with traditional consolidated feeds. By leveraging expertise in development and engineering groups to optimize each component of the solution for performance, the latency of Reuters Data Feed Direct has been reduced to well under a single millisecond.

This market leading speed compliments the sub-millisecond benchmarks that Reuters has also established with RMDS, the world's leading market data distribution system. In an environment where network bandwidth utilization and proper exchange fee liability management can have a dramatic financial impact, RMDS' ability to distribute market data with resilience and efficiency and to control its usage, while still limiting latency to under one millisecond, is a proposition well suited to the algorithmic trading community.

Mike Powell, Global Head of Real-Time Enterprise Information at Reuters, said: "High frequency trading operations are looking for data solutions that above all else offer raw speed. By combining such a highly performant product with the openness, experience and global presence Reuters has come to be known by, we're confident this first step will allow us to continue helping our clients succeed. With order books and additional venues following closely behind, we're pleased to make this announcement."

Reuters Data Feed Direct also compliments Reuters existing portfolio of consolidated data feeds by allowing customers to leverage the benefits of each within the same programming framework. Whether they choose the broad content and economic efficiencies afforded by Reuters Data Feed (RDF) and RDF Plus, or opt for the raw speed of RDF Direct, customers can leverage the same Reuters symbology, APIs, and the same Reuters venue specific market logic that Reuters has continually developed over the past 20 years in leading the data feed industry.

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