Placecast launches white-labelled mobile wallet with location-based offers

Source: Placecast

Today, Placecast announces a new product that combines the company's expertise in location-based marketing with the latest innovation in mobile commerce: the ShopAlerts Wallet.

Built in HTML5, the Wallet works on all smartphone platforms and offers customers a first-ever turnkey solution for launching personalized location-based mobile offers tied to mobile payments. There's no app to build for marketers, and no app for consumers to download.

Unlike other mobile wallet offerings, Placecast will white-label the product specifically to credit card companies, mobile operators and retailers through a robust set of API's, or through the reskinnable HTML5 Wallet.

ShopAlerts Wallet: Offers + Transactions

Consumers demand a mobile wallet solution that lets them receive, save and use offers for wallet purchases in a single experience. The ShopAlerts Wallet provides this end-to-end solution.

Features of the ShopAlerts Wallet:

Consumers can discover relevant offers and merchants by searching for offers based on location, keyword or category and viewing results in a list or on a map
Consumers can also set their preferences to automatically receive offers via push notifications or SMS.
The ShopAlerts Wallet Inbox enables consumers to save, delete or share offers through Facebook or Twitter.
To process payments securely, the Wallet plugs into any payment processor, supporting plastic credit cards, NFC and carrier billing.
Consumers can redeem their offers by simply swiping a card or waving their phone at the merchant's point of sale, enabling closed-loop marketing and measurement and real-time ROI for real-world purchases.
The Wallet integrates with other third-party services to store and manage tickets, gift cards, brand reward cards and transit passes just like a physical wallet. As available services grow, so does the wallet.

Companies can deploy the ShopAlerts Wallet with their preferred branding, supported payment methods, and additional services. For companies who want to build a new app, or add offers functionality to existing smartphone apps, the Wallet's API suite provides developers a rich and powevelopers a rich and powerful platform.

With its strong track record of decreasing churn for partners while increasing revenue, Placecast is working with several credit card issuers and mobile operators to provide customized wallet solutions that promise to drive transactions and increase ROI.

"The future of commerce is being dramatically transformed by smartphones, putting consumers in control," says Placecast CEO Alistair Goodman. "Consumers like convenience, to save money and to be rewarded for their business. Leveraging the industry's most robust mobile offers platform, the ShopAlerts Wallet delivers on this promise today. Over the last three years major brands, mobile operators and payments companies have seen incredible results from our location-based offers programs. We expect to see even more exciting avenues for monetization emerge as more people open up their mobile wallet."

"Placecast has created something quite powerful by bringing its alerts engine to mobile wallets," says Greg Sterling, Senior Analyst Opus Research and principal of Sterling Market Intelligence. "It will not only enable more precise offer targeting but will provide complete transparency in terms of ROI."

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