SkySparc boosts SkyReport interface builder

Source: SkySparc

SkySparc, the financial consulting firm, has further enhanced the functionality of its SkyReport platform to offer even greater flexibility and efficiency when building interfaces between different systems and data sets.

SkyREPORT's interface builder, announced earlier this year, now handles additional fileformats, including XML, increasing the ability of developers and users to develop and prototype a wide range of interfaces without the need for coding.

The SkyREPORT interface builder reads and extracts data from most files, including any XML or fixed-width file, and easily combines data from different systems, such as general ledger, Wallstreet Suite and other internal systems. The interface builder also allows the re-mapping and re-naming of data to be automated; files can then be output in XML, andother structured formats. Working with SkyREPORT interface builder makes the process of prototyping, testing and implementing interfaces easy and cost-effective for users and development teams.

"The SkyREPORT interface builder is proving a very valuable integration tool with our clients," says Thomas Bergqvist, partner, SkySparc. "The new formats are part of our commitment to ensuring SkyREPORT always delivers responsive, flexible integration support, reducing costs and improving efficiency." 

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