Billeo speeds up online shopping with ZipThru Pay and Buy

Source: Billeo

Billeo, Inc., creator of apps that help consumers save time and money while shopping or paying bills online, today announced its ZipThru Pay and ZipThru Buy services.

The ZipThru services allow Billeo's business customers to simplify and speed up the online shopping and bill pay payment experience. Billeo's new services allow businesses to drive purchases and enable card-based bill payments, directly from a website, mobile or tablet app, without having to build direct connections to each biller or merchant.

From paying a bill to purchasing an item online, the ZipThru services allow businesses to provide consumers an easy and transparent online or in-app payment process that takes just seconds to complete. By leveraging Billeo's powerful Active-Context Platform™ and rich biller and merchant directories, the ZipThru services connect Billeo's business customers with billers and merchants that accept card payments online. The technology navigates thru the payment or checkout process, auto-fills the payment details and captures the payment confirmation -- simplifying the payment and purchase processes to one or two clicks.

ZipThru Pay
ZipThru Pay gives financial institutions and card issuers the ability to put a Pay Now button into an online bill payment platform, allowing consumers to instantly pay a bill with their credit, debit or prepaid card. After just one click, consumers have paid a bill and received payment confirmation, without leaving the institution's website or app.

"47 million U.S. consumers go directly to a biller to pay a bill, because they aren't satisfied with the payment options their bank or credit union provides," said Murali Subbarao, founder and CEO of Billeo, Inc. "ZipThru Pay gives financial institutions the ability to reengage with these consumers, and create a bill payment service that makes the institution the consumer's single point of contact for all bill payments."

The service allows financial institutions to promote card-based bill pay, garnering interchange revenue from the institution's online bill pay service or app.

ZipThru Buy
ZipThru Buy allows any website or app that features products from multiple merchants -- online marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, reward malls or sites like Pinterest -- to place a Buy Now button next to products being displayed, allowing consumers to instantly purchase an item without going to the merchant site.

After just two clicks, consumers have purchased the item and received all necessary confirmation materials, without leaving the originating site or app.

On the backend, Billeo's technology is connecting with the consumer's wallet, and communicating directly with the merchant to complete the transaction, meaning all payment processing, customer support issues, shipping and return processes are handled directly by the merchant. The technology also captures valuable transaction and product data from the merchant and communicates that back to Billeo's customers.

"Each month, more than 85 million U.S. consumers go online to comparison shop. Until now, those consumers were turned over to merchants when they were ready to buy because facilitating the buying process from multiple merchants was just too complicated," continued Subbarao. "The beauty of ZipThru Buy is that we've done all the work, creating a huge opportunity for our customers to create a better experience for shoppers and earn additional revenues."

ZipThru Pay and ZipThru Buy are scalable services that can be integrated via a simple API into a new or existing website or app. Because the services are powered by Billeo's Active-Context Platform™, Billeo's customers also have access to valuable user data, product and transaction history that can be used to track and enhance the online or in-app experience for consumers.

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