River City Federal Credit Union outsources ATMs

Source: Absolute ATM Service

A fleet of out-of-date ATMs, limited IT resources and a looming American's with Disability Act (ADA) compliance deadline. That's the challenge River City Federal Credit Union President/CEO Kim L. Heinze faced.

A community-chartered credit union with over 15,500 members, River City FCU turned to Absolute ATM Services, Inc. to solve their dilemma. Based in Bexar County, Texas, River City operates eight full-service branches with ATMs and two off-premise ATMs.

In September 2011 as part of an ATM outsourcing program, Houston-based Absolute ATM took over maintenance and ownership of the credit union's ATM fleet.

"We evaluated the credit union's ATM fleet and purchased the ATMs that could be upgraded to meet ADA regulations. Those that couldn't be upgraded we replaced with new machines," says Troy LeBlanc, President Absolute ATM Services, Inc. Absolute specializes in providing full-service, hassle-free off-premise and in-branch ATM outsourcing and management service programs for financial institutions in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi.

"Outsourcing our ATMs to Absolute ATM has been a great experience; it was the right decision for us. It has proven to be cost effective and best of all, our staff can focus on member services instead of babysitting ATMs," says Heinze. "We don't have to worry about the next compliance issue or fixing our ATMs if they go down because we know Absolute is going to take care of it."

In addition to the maintenance of the ATMs, Absolute can customize the program to meet the needs of the customer.

"We work with our customers to design an outsourcing program that works for everyone," says Alicia Lowry, Sales Manager with Absolute. "In the case of River City, for example, they chose to use their own cash in the machines. We also provided them with customized signage and a Spanish language option."

Other add-on services available as part of Absolute's outsourcing program include ATM wraps, customized on-screen messages and ads, and video toppers.

"Outsourcing was a great solution for our credit union," says Heinze. "It's hassle-free, compliance-free, cost-effective and allows uus to offer our members newer machines without a huge capital investment." 

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