Panopticon adds real-time visualisation capabilities to SAP Hana

Source: Panopticon Software

Panopticon Software, the leading provider of visual data analysis software for real-time data, today announced that it has optimized the latest release of its data visualization software suite to support the SAP In-Memory Appliance SAP Hana.

Clients utilize HANA to manage data in conjunction with SAP ERP systems and many firms also use HANA as a replacement for traditional data stores. A large number of customers have expressed interest in using Panopticon data visualization tools with HANA to support real-time operational decision-making and "Big Data"analytics.

Panopticon accesses and displays HANA data in real-time and provides a completely unique capability for businesses that require instant access to their information. In addition, both HANA and Panopticon allow users to federate external data sources (including CEP engines, message queues, tick databases, traditional relational databases, and OData sources) into their analytic models in order to further amplify the utility of the combined HANA/Panopticon platform.

The Panopticon platform makes full use of HANA's in-memory capabilities and returns interactive results that are used for instant visual analysis. The combined architecture minimizes latency by eliminating the need for abstraction layers and data warehouses and allows users to directly access data stored in HANA.

Willem De Geer, Managing Director of Panopticon Software, stated, "Making effective use of their data is critical to our clients, which include JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock, Vodafone, LDH Energy, and Thomson Reuters. Panopticon's real-time data visualizations combined with HANA's analytical capabilities provide organizations of this scale truly effective insight into truly enormous volumes of operational data."

Peter Simpson, SVP Research & Development for Panopticon Software, stated, "The ability to use Panopticon as the user interface for SAP HANA means that our customers can assemble a highly optimized platform for visual analysis of real-time data very quickly. We know from our capital markets and telecoms clients how important it is to reduce the latency in their decision support systems; markets and customer data traffic move much too quickly to wait for cubes to refresh or other delays created by more complicated analytics platforms. One of our primary aims in creating this new capability was to reduce the complexity and time required to bring real-time data visualization to business users. The real-time front end has clearly emerged as the next frontier in operational Business Intelligence."

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