TimesTen signs reseller deal with South Korea's BI C&S

Source: TimesTen

TimesTen, Inc., a provider of real-time infrastructure software, today announced it has signed an agreement with BI C&S Co., Ltd, a leading provider of information systems technology and consulting services, to distribute TimesTen's products in South Korea.

With its expertise in data management, data warehousing and customer relationship management (CRM), BI C&S offers a strong foundation for bringing TimesTen's software into the Korean IT market. Additionally, BI C&S services many of Korea's leading telecommunications and financial services companies, making it an excellent complement to TimesTen's strong presence in these markets across North America, Europe and Japan.

BI C&S will leverage its technology expertise to pursue opportunities in service-oriented architectures, real-time billing, Voice over IP, value-added services, stock trading systems and other application areas where there is growing demand for a robust real-time data management infrastructure.

TimesTen brings to BI C&S and the Korean IT market a proven track record in multiple industries across the globe. More than 750 companies worldwide use TimesTen products inside performance-critical applications in telecommunications, financial services, defense and intelligence and travel and logistics. The company is headed by CEO Jim Groff, an industry veteran of more than 25 years, and founder and VP of Engineering, Marie-Anne Neimat, who continues to oversee the technology she co-created while at Hewlett-Packard Labs in the early 1990's.

TimesTen's product line encompasses a family of lightweight, real-time infrastructure software that presents applications with familiar, powerful interfaces and query languages that can easily integrate with existing infrastructure software and leverage the full performance potential of today's networked, memory-rich computing platforms.

TimesTen products include:

  • TimesTen/DataServer: a real-time database system with a memory-optimized data management and replication system for network or application-tier deployment.
  • TimesTen/Cache: a real-time dynamic data caching system designed for applications requiring faster processing of performance-critical subsets of information stored in back-office RDBMSs.
  • TimesTen/Transact: a real-time transaction processing system for building high-speed, guaranteed transactional applications such as those used in securities trading, telecom billing and online commerce.

These products are built upon a well-established foundation of in-memory database technology that includes specialized indexing and data replication, advanced locking and persistence options, Direct Data Access and patent-pending features such as MicroLogging. This capability is unique to TimesTen, and allows embedded real-time systems to continue without interruption despite application failures. These are some of the capabilities that set the product line apart from its competitors.

"TimesTen is recognized in the software industry for delivering market-leading real-time infrastructure software that provides a foundation for instantly responsive, highly scalable and continuously available applications. We are very pleased to be representing them in Korea, said Mr. Kim Nam Gyu, Senior Manager Information Solution and Solution Planning at BI C&S. "We believe TimesTen's products will be an excellent addition to BI C&S's strong suite of offerings and will be in high demand in our market."

"There is tremendous potential in the Asia/Pacific region for TimesTen, so Korea's advanced IT community is a natural addition to our established presence in the region," said Mr. Jim Groff, CEO, TimesTen, Inc. "We are confident that BI C&S will be a great asset to our distribution efforts in the area. Its track record of successful data management projects within major Korean firms makes them an ideal representative for TimesTen," added Groff.

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