NovaSparks lowers latency for Lime Brokerage

Source: NovaSparks

Lime Brokerage, a Wedbush Company and provider of ultra-low latency trading technologies, announces a partnership with NovaSparks to deliver the lowest latency, hardware based FPGA data feed handlers in the market to clients.

This pure FPGA solution is highly reliable and proven to maintain performance through all market conditions, especially during critical bursts.

"More and more, the Buyside wants to choose their level of service," states Kevin Beadles, Managing Director of Lime Brokerage/Wedbush Execution Solutions Group. "A significant portion of the market demands a consistent, ultra-low latency market data service to eliminate slippage especially when trading off crucial industry events, which require adjusting positions and/or rebalancing portfolios given news, company filings and sector events," explains Beadles.

"When major market events happen, data rates can spike," explains Yves Charles, CEO of NovaSparks. "A properly pipelined FPGA system can process incoming messages at the same ultra-high speeds, regardless of increases to data rates, the number of symbols watched or the number of downstream consumers," concludes Charles.

The addition of a market data service with ultra-low and deterministic latency is part of a continuous expansion of Lime/Wedbush's new trading infrastructure for the buyside. "We strive to accommodate all client needs and now they have additional options when selecting a level of service required for every particular trading strategy," commented Beadles.

The service will process incoming exchange feeds and build the order book in 880 nanoseconds which compares with the majority of solutions on the market operating at 10-100 microseconds to perform the same task.

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