Icap auctions options trading patent

Source: Icap

ICAP Patent Brokerage, a division of ICAP plc and the world's largest intellectual property brokerage firm and organizer of ICAP Ocean Tomo Auctions, is offering for auction a patent portfolio related to an investment trading system that provides positive portfolio returns.

The lot will be included in the 16th ICAP Ocean Tomo IP Auction on July 26, 2012, at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco, California.

"We are excited to be offering this patent technology lot for auction to our global buyer base." Dean Becker, CEO, ICAP Patent Brokerage, ICAP Ocean Tomo Auctions.

Intellectual Property Summary
The patent offers a system that utilizes double leveraging of funds and purchased index puts as insurance against market downturns, to generate positive returns. The double leveraging is accomplished by selling covered calls and using a formula to determine the maximum amount to borrow against the portfolio, and using income from both sources to purchase additional stock. The high yield from the portfolio is protected from market downturns by index puts.

Market Potential
This is an important portfolio for companies providing financial, trading or asset management services.

Companies who have cited this patent portfolio include: JPMorgan, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Goldman Sachs, Thomson Financial and SAP

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