SunGard updates Asset Arena Transfer Agency

Source: SunGard

SunGard has released enhanced functionality for Asset Arena Transfer Agency, an investor recordkeeping solution that helps streamline the management of fund investor accounts and transactions.

New functionality expands the system's calendaring and pricing capabilities to better accommodate periodically priced funds with routine or unspecified pricing intervals and investments with delayed fund valuations.

Asset Arena Transfer Agency helps address the industry's need for dynamic pricing arrangements through multiple intra-day pricing options and improved support for periodically priced investment funds. The system's real-time processing capabilities and 24/7 availability helps customers add valuations to the system as needed and immediately close out period-end processing.

"The flexibility of Asset Arena helps us provide investor servicing for a diverse range of investment vehicles," said Maureen Quill, executive vice president of investor services for UMB Fund Services. "The recent enhancement allows us to support both traditional and alternative products on the same platform, helping us better serve our clients."

"Through the emergence of new fund investment products, the industry needs to incorporate alternatives to daily priced funds," said Mark Judah, senior vice president and managing director of SunGard's Asset Arena Transfer Agency. "This upgrade helps our customers continue to increase their services for investment products beyond traditional, daily priced mutual funds. Without pricing flexibility, asset managers and service providers are limited in participating in new market opportunities. They also must manage solutions on multiple platforms potentially through manual work-arounds, hindering their operational efficiency and time-to-market for new products." 

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