IFX Forum elects bank directors

Source: IFX Forum

At its 2012 Annual Meeting in May, the Interactive Financial eXchange (IFX) Forum member companies' representatives re-elected Susan Colles of Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Joachim Seibert of Wincor Nixdorf, and elected Troy Bradley of FIS™ to the Forum's Board of Directors, for terms expiring in 2015.

The new Board then re-appointed President Richard P. Urban, re-elected Chairman Richard DuVall of ACI Worldwide and Secretary Mark Tiggas of Wells Fargo, and elected as Treasurer Mark Sampson of U.S. Bank.

The IFX Forum is an international not-for-profit industry association whose mission is to develop IFX and promote its adoption as an open, interoperable standard for financial data exchange. The group's 2012 Annual Meeting took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, hosted by U.S. Bank.

The IFX Forum gathering began with an "Introduction to IFX" tutorial presented by Mr. Urban, which focused on IFX Version 2. A version of the presentation, with audio, may be downloaded from a link at www.ifxforum.org.

The event also featured hands-on collaborative sessions for the Forum's active Working Groups. It was the first in-person meeting for the recently launched Loans Working Group, which is engaged in extending the IFX framework to include additional aspects of lending not previously part of the specification. An additional day was devoted to IFX architectural considerations. The Forum's Steering Committee also met to discuss and advance the group's business plans.

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