SmartMetric gives credit cards a memory boost

Source: SmartMetric

SmartMetric, Inc. (SMME), developer of "Secured by Biometrics" Credit and Identity Cards, announced today SmartMetric has successfully developed and incorporated into its breakthrough fingerprint activated credit card sized card, memory capacity that rivals todays tablets and the latest generation Smartphones.

Speaking from the Company's newly established manufacturing center in Buenos Aires, Argentina SmartMetric's President & CEO, Ms. Chaya Hendrick stated: "We are very excited with the level of miniaturization we have successfully achieved inserting high density memory capacity inside our credit card sized Smart Card device. SmartMetric will now be able to introduce to the market a variety of cutting edge card-based solutions covering a myriad of industries from banking to medical health records. With a minimum of 64GB of internal memory the SmartMetric "Chip & Swipe"™ fingerprint activated card stands to revolutionize whole market segments around the World for the Company.

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