4sight releases corporate action processing modules

Source: 4sight Financial Software

4sight Financial Software, a leading provider of software and consultancy to the Securities Finance and Collateral Management markets, has developed a new suite of corporate action processing modules for its 4sight Securities Finance and Collateral Management solution.

The new modules provide a greater level of automation and workflow processing, with the aim of reducing manual effort and lessening the risk of missed or late claims and processing.

The modules offer a workflow-based dividend processor for equity cash dividends and fixed income coupon payments for stock loan, repo and collateral transactions. The system also provides support for non-cash dividends through an array of configurable event types.

Key features include:
• Workflow to monitor 50+ market event types from creation to completion
• A configurable rules-based entitlement engine to keep track of entitled positions, based on each security's market inclusion rules
• Automation of the creation of claims and integration with email systems
• Integrated payment instruction process
• Ability to view and calculate profit and loss for the event and factor in any tax rules that impact long positions held
• Support for new events through configuration and behaviour mappings
• Optional arbitrage module to record the impact of making an arbitrage decision in your profit and loss

"The aim of these new modules is to reduce the number of manual steps and time spent processing events that would previously have led to missed or late claims and processing", comments Martin Seagroatt, 4sight's Head of Marketing. "The new level of automation and system based processing will provide our clients with greater workflow control, help them to exert less manual effort on corporate actions processing and reduce operational risk." 

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