Dynamic Mutual Funds signs for ADP's Smart Disclosure service

Source: ADB Brokerage Services

ADP Investor Communications, a division of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (NYSE: ADP), announced today that Dynamic Mutual Funds has agreed to provide disclosure documents to its investors through ADP's Smart Disclosure service.

ADP's data-driven solution is cost effective, timely, and customized for the investor.

Dynamic is a leading Canadian investment company and one of the first companies to have implemented National Instrument 81-106 (NI 81-106). Dynamic has been proactive in adhering to the expected NI 81-106 guidelines by means of ADP's Smart Financials product for over a year now, a solution built in anticipation of these new regulations. Dynamic chose Smart Disclosure to meet the new continuous disclosure requirements put forth by NI 81-106 which consists of much more aggressive filing deadlines and requires all registered and beneficial owners to receive a management report of fund performance (MRFP in the first year. With Smart Disclosure, Dynamic investors will receive customized financial statements and MRFP that contain only information specific to that investor's holdings, as per NI 81-106.

Smart Disclosure's unique access to beneficial holder's information will ensure Dynamic will reach all their investors. ADP's reliable and accurate solution is designed to optimize the production process in order to fulfill the regulatory requirements of NI 81-106, while at the same time, communicate relevant and personalized information to Dynamic's investors.

Alex Bright, Controller, Fund Administration for Dynamic Mutual Funds said, "When NI 81-106 was introduced, we needed a solution that would meet the new regulatory standard as well as our customers' distinct needs. Selecting ADP's Smart Disclosure was a strategic decision for us. Its unique access to beneficial holder's information will allow us to easily reach our broad customer base. Smart Disclosure delivers timely customized information to investors and allows us to maintain the highest level of responsibility to our customers."

Sue Britton, Senior Vice President, ADP Investor Communications, said, "Investor communications is our core business. We stay abreast of all regulatory changes and design our solutions tions to support new communication responsibilities. Our goal is to improve shareholder communications between Dynamic and their investors, and we look forward to sustaining a long term relationship."

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