Options trading platform PYXmarkets live with PayWizard e-wallet

Source: PayWizard

PYXmarkets, an innovative, new digital options trading platform, has chosen the branded PayWizard e-wallet as its exclusive online payment mechanism.

Launched today, PYXmarkets will offer retail and professional traders digital option trading opportunities on some of the world's most liquid assets, including: UK 100, Barclays, BP, Gold, OIL and USD/GBP.

PYXmarkets chose to enter into an exclusive relationship with PayWizard because the e-wallet provides traders with a secure, flexible, 'one-click', digital payment mechanism while PayWizard's management information dashboards gives PYXmarkets the ability to view traders' transaction behaviour in real-time. This provides PYXmarkets with a valuable tool for targeting traders immediately with relevant incentives and offers, to improve customer loyalty and optimise ARPU (average revenue per user).

Initially offering one day Digital Options, it is intended that PYXmarkets will offer the ability to trade hourly, daily, weekly and monthly in the near future; the staged release of further tradable assets will also occur over time. Traders can build up to six trades simultaneously and can deal in up to fifteen different markets using the PayWizard e-wallet. Initially available as a desktop application, PYXmarkets plans to support multiple devices including Smartphones, tablets and Connected TVs - taking advantage of PayWizard's multi-platform, multi-device capabilities.

Individuals wishing to make a trade simply visit the PYXmarkets website, create a PayWizard account online, top up their PayWizard e-wallet from their credit/debit card and then start trading. The PayWizard e-wallet holds digital versions of a consumer's credit/debit cards, the current balance, and various personal data. It also facilitates continual card authorisation for true 'one-click' purchases.
Richard Hutchison CEO of PYXmarkets said: "PayWizard stood out for us because it's scalable, supports multiple currencies and multiple devices and, very importantly, provides actionable customer data in real-time."

Stephen Petheram, Marketing Director, PayWizard adddded: "PYXmarkets and PayWizard are both innovators in our chosen fields - PYXmarkets with a revolutionary, highly transparent, fixed-risk investment platform and PayWizard with a multi-platform payment mechanism that can help to improve customer loyalty and ARPU. We look forward to working with PYXmarkets as they scale their proposition to include more assets and to support new devices such as smartphones, tablets and Connected TVs".

PYXmarket's fixed risk/defined return platform allows users to see the maximum downside and the maximum upside of any investment before they enter a trade. Importantly, losses cannot exceed the initial investment amount but returns similar to and sometimes exceeding those seen in a spread betting environment can be achieved. Once a trade has been executed investors have the flexibility of taking profit or crystallising a loss during the lifetime of the trade. All options left to expire close automatically at the end of the trading day with maximum quoted return or at zero.
PayWizard helps companies connect more efficiently and build stronger customer loyalty in today's multi-device landscape. PayWizard understands that it is critical for customer-facing organisations to be able to detect rapid shifts in consumer behaviour and refine their marketing, sales and customer service accordingly. 

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