Allpay awarded National Framework Agreement for pre-paid cards

Source: allpay

Allpay is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the National Framework Agreement for Prepaid Cards led by NEPO (North East Procurement Organisation) and available nationally to the Pro5 Group.

Prepaid cards are increasingly recognised as the preferred method of payment, providing local authorities with a secure and cost effective alternative to cheque and cash payments. They can be used across a range of benefit payments, including Social Care, Direct Payments, Housing Benefits, Court of Protection and Asylum Seekers. Where required they allow local authorities to monitor where funds are being spent and, where necessary, to recall funds.

"As a key player in the public sector we are pleased to be working with NEPO's members and the wider public sector to deliver a prepaid card programme that meets the needs of all local authorities and service users. Prepaid cards offers a secure, cost effective and financially inclusive method of disbursing funds. This is an exciting opportunity." Richard Roberts, Head of Prepaid Cards, allpay Limited

"We recognised the need for payment solutions to help local government reduce the cost of personalised budgets and other payments, not just in the North East but across the UK. The framework that NEPO has put in place will give a legally sound, cost effective procurement route to speed up the implementation of new services at a time of extraordinary cost pressures." Paul Mander, NEPO

I would strongly recommend that the word be spread amongst local councils that they can take advantage of this framework agreement for prepaid cards, with clear benefits in terms of speed of implementation and cost savings in the procurement process. With the award of this framework agreement, allpay has made a significant contribution to the National Prepaid Cards Steering Group sponsored by MasterCard." Matthew Lanford, Head of Prepaid, MasterCard Europe 

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