PayAnywhere adds Android SDKs

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PayAnywhere, a leader in mobile point of sale solutions, today announced the addition of two new Android software developer kits (SDKs) to its developer library.

Complementing PayAnywhere's SDKs for iOS, the new Android SDKs - Basic and Advanced - allow developers to easily embed credit card point of sale functionality into apps that can run on any Android device, making it possible for those apps to accept and process Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit card purchases.

Once enabled by PayAnywhere APIs, mobile apps can accept swiped credit card transactions using PayAnywhere's award-winning credit card reader and payment processing service for smartphones and tablets, or accept keyed-in, "card not present" transactions. Swiped credit card transactions made using apps that incorporate PayAnywhere APIs are assessed only a 2.69 percent transaction fee, with no other fees applied.

In addition to credit card processing, the PayAnywhere SDKs make available to developers a host of features that allow the merchant to capture signatures, attach invoice numbers to transactions, print receipts or send them to customers via email, keep a record of transactions, view detailed transaction reports and more. With both the Basic and Advanced SDKs developers can be assured that the entire payment experience is powered by a leader in payment processing that handles $1 billion in transactions every month.

"The handling of credit card transactions and moving money from consumer to merchant is quite an involved and complicated process," said Gordon Rimac, chief technology officer at PayAnywhere. "That's one reason many enterprises, even those with extensive developer resources, approach PayAnywhere about incorporating our transaction and payments processing solution into their apps. Handling payment processing is something PayAnywhere does exceptionally well, and through our SDKs, PayAnywhere is making it very easy to leverage our core business expertise while letting developers stay focused on theirs."

The PayAnywhere Basic Android SDK provides developers the simplest way to add c credit card transaction capabilities to Android apps. The developer's app handles the transaction amount and itemization then passes that information to the PayAnywhere API, which then calls on the PayAnywhere app to complete the transaction. The Basic Android SDK requires little effort to implement the PayAnywhere API into an existing app letting that app access the feature-rich PayAnywhere mobile point of sale solution.

"If you think about it, credit card transactions are interactive with the buyer signing at the end of the process to validate the transaction," added Rimac. "Because point of sale apps pass between merchant and consumer, we wanted developers to have the ability to create custom apps using their brand and conforming to their guidelines, not ours. Our advanced SDKs allow developers to use the various features of the PayAnywhere mobile point of sale solution while still letting them control the consumer experience."

The PayAnywhere Advanced Android SDK is an advanced library that allows developers to seamlessly incorporate individual components of PayAnywhere functionality into their own apps. With the ability to fully brand the app, customers won't know PayAnywhere is handling the transaction processing. There is no PayAnywhere branding present and the appearance of the app can be fully customized to fit the app's theme.

Both the Basic and Advanced Android SDKs include complete documentation for integrating PayAnywhere APIs into an app, as well as instructions on how to call the library, including the process of initializing the library, customizing the look of the library and starting a transaction. The process of receiving information back from the library after a transaction is complete is also explained.

The PayAnywhere Android SDKs complement Basic and Advanced SDKs for any iOS device made available in December last year. Developers interested in adding credit card transaction capabilities to their mobile apps can download the free PayAnywhere SDKs from 

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