Progress Apama market surveillance and monitoring tool adds Esma compliance

Source: Progress Software

Progress Software Corporation (PRGS) announced today the availability of the latest release of the Progress Apama Market Surveillance and Monitoring solution with capabilities to support the latest European Supervisory Markets Authority (ESMA) guidelines.

The new Apama Market Surveillance and Monitoring release adds specific support for ESMA regulatory requirements in addition to existing capabilities including monitoring algorithmic trading, order/trade ratios, best-execution compliance, and anti-money laundering.

The Apama Market Surveillance and Monitoring solution offers an integrated, real-time view of external and internal events and processes, supporting the end-to-end surveillance, monitoring and risk management activities required by ESMA, Dodd-Frank, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and other global regulatory bodies and initiatives.

With unique visibility into every trade and innovative analytics capabilities, the Apama Market Surveillance and Monitoring solution includes a highly customizable and interactive dashboard, which enables users to dig deep into events, collaborate instantly to find the root cause of problems, and react immediately to mitigate their risk. The solution also includes built-in investigative tools, case management and audit trails to help firms meet internal compliance and regulatory requirements for reporting.

The Apama Market Surveillance and Monitoring solution includes the capabilities necessary to allow the user to meet the following ESMA-specific requirements:

  • Monitor electronic trading platforms in real-time (in addition to end of day merge and replay, for example OTC products)
  • Issue prioritized alerts when there are problems with electronic trading systems
  • Automatically block or cancel orders outside pre-set price or size
  • Block unauthorized trades or traders
  • Flag behavior signaling potential market abuse

Out-of-the-box monitoring rules enable financial institutions to unify their view of trading activities alongside internal and external events; giving them the ability to see, analyze, alert, and respond to events as they happen. This enables financial institutions to rapidly deploy a fully compliant monitoring solution.

Dr. Richard Bentley, vice president of Capital Markets Solutions at Progress Software said: "By using the Progress Apama Market Surveillance and Monitoring solution, customers can instantly comply with new guidelines from ESMA and other regulatory authorities. And because it is fully customizable, the solution enables clients to cope with whatever new global regulations come up in future."

Miranda Mizen, principal director of Equities Research at financial markets research and strategic advisory firm, TABB Group, emphasized the importance of being responsive in a period of unpredictability: "The broad scope and depth of capabilities required to respond to increasingly complex market behaviors and changing regulations means that there's never been a more important time for organizations to invest in agile technology. The ability to rapidly adjust to changing circumstances is vital to success in today's market."

The leading platform for high velocity Capital Markets applications, the Progress Apama platform is a comprehensive Complex Event Processing (CEP)-based system for building sophisticated multi-asset applications for low latency trading, risk and compliance. With its combination of development ease and deployment power, the Apama platform is unmatched in the industry and is deployed by leading international financial firms including ICAP, Deutsche Bank, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken SA, Bank of China International and ANZ bank. 

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