Fixnetix introduces exchange membership service software

Source: Fixnetix

Fixnetix, global managed services provider for market data, trading and risk controls, announced today a new product, iX-EMS, a software version offering similar functionality to iX-eCute, the nanosecond Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA.) iX-EMS is the ninth product to join the multi-asset class suite of integrated solutions from the 2011 award winning company.

iX-EMS offers similar advantage to iX-eCute with flexibility and fastest execution times; the caveat being it is delivered in software and as a consequence more cost effective. iX-EMS is presently in use and available for all European exchange member participants who are seeking immediate risk control and lower latencies. Interested parties may choose from three models of implementation: Shared hosted access via the Fixnetix backbone deployed in multiple datacentres, Dedicated hosted access or Direct to the customer as an Enterprise software solution.

"Mid-tier and specialised European brokerages have the same needs as tier one banks but typically have less budget for technology. iX-EMS is an efficient but economical choice for lowest latency execution and risk control," says Anthony Kingsnorth, Chief Operating Officer of Fixnetix. "Fixnetix is positioned to offer the best trading, market data and risk control solutions globally; we are relentless in our innovation."

"iX-EMS is an affordable low latency alternative to iX-eCute, our FPGA solution for nanosecond trading announced in 2010," says Matt Dangerfield, Chief Technology Officer at Fixnetix. "Once our hardware pre-trade solution was complete and deployed, we knew we had to respond to mainstream and boutique brokerages with a solution that provides immediate access and continues to offer best in class latencies. iX-EMS is easily deployed and responds to the needs for pending regulation controls and risk mitigation." 

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