HKMEx market data goes live on China's Webstock

Source: Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange

The Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange (HKMEx), China's global marketplace, announced today that HKMEx real time market data are now available on Wenhua Information Systems Limited (Webstock) - a platform used by more than one million investors from over 90 percent of all futures trading companies in China.

Webstock is the largest futures information systems provider in China. Established in 1996, Webstock provides futures investors with comprehensive trading systems solutions, including desktop and mobile market information and trading software, to meet individual business needs. The platform is linked to over 150 futures companies in China, representing 90 percent of the local futures trading industry.

Webstock users will now be able to view real time market information for all contracts traded on HKMEx, including its successful US dollar gold and silver futures contracts as well as upcoming products denominated in renminbi. Information includes:
 Best bid/ask price
 Daily high/low price
 Last trade price and volume, and cumulative volume
 Settlement price and open interest

HKMEx Chairman Barry Cheung said: "Webstock covers China's futures trading community extensively. Adding our internationally-traded products on their network will greatly expand our reach in mainland China and deepen market understanding of our product offerings. This constitutes yet another step in the ongoing integration of China's fast-growing commodity markets with the rest of the world."

HKMEx currently offers a 32 troy ounces (1 kilo) gold futures contract and a 1,000 troy ounces silver futures contract. Both are denominated in US dollars with physical delivery in Hong Kong. Going forward, the Exchange plans to launch gold and copper contracts denominated in renminbi, followed by other products in precious and base metals, as well as energy, agriculture, and commodity indices. 

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