GFT Group launches appstore

Source: GFT Group

The GFT Group, has launched the GFT AppStore and platform, a multi-platform, enterprise application storefront which will allow financial services organisations to develop and test apps, as well as provide a central point for its employees to use and share apps throughout the organisation and across devices.

GFT is already running app initiatives for its clients, in payment transactions, investment consulting, account management and stock market information which includes brokerage features.

The consumerisation of IT is having its impact on investment banking, as IT departments struggle with how to implement consumer technology in a corporate environment. GFT's recent whitepaper explains how consumer IT "creates a framework. Externally". This needs to be countered with attractive, internal alternatives. The GFT AppStore was created in response to this need.

Financial services organisations can use the GFT AppStore as a platform to test and develop prototype apps. The comment and chat functions of the AppStore, a news corner and other features mean a bank can see how the app is being used, review the user experience and feed this in to the creative development process.

Christopher Ortiz, Managing Director of GFT UK explained, "Like many investment banks, a few years ago we started to see a range of consumer devices being used as business tools by the GFT team. Consumerisation is pushing IT departments and banks to adapt; to offer the flexibility and user-friendliness of consumer tools in their business technology. We decided we needed an AppStore for our internal use, so we built our own and are now using it to develop apps for our clients". 

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