Red Box Recorders mobile recording system

Source: Red Box Recorders

Red Box Recorders is launching a new mobile phone recording solution designed to overcome the issue of poor user experience resulting from delays in call connection that is associated with other systems in the marketplace.

Quantify Store & Forward will be suitable for all mobile handsets using the Android operating system and forms part of the company's ongoing strategy to develop its own technology offering that supports the recording requirements of unified communications.

Unlike other mobile solutions, Quantify Store & Forward captures the call on the handset and then transfers the data to either an onsite or hosted voice recorder when convenient. As a result, the soon to be released solution, ensures that all incoming and outgoing mobile calls are connected immediately, with no noticeable delays, to achieve a seamless and high quality service.

Since the Financial Services Authority (FSA) extended recording regulations in November last year to cover all transaction related mobile calls, the biggest complaint amongst traders and their customers has been the disruption caused by significant delays in connection. With Quantify Store & Forward, Red Box will be able to provide mobile recording that overcomes operational service issues by delivering an unobtrusive, simple and easy-to-use solution.

Lee Jones, COO at Red Box Recorders commented: "Many financial services organisations are now reviewing their existing mobile recording system to ensure they not only achieve full compliance of FSA regulations, but also meets the needs of their traders. We are using our specialist skills and resources to develop advanced solutions, so that we are best placed to respond to market requirements and offer best of breed mobile recording technology." 

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