Experian integrates QAS software with data management line

Source: Experian

Experian, a global information solutions company, today announced the integration of its Data Management solutions with the QAS QuickAddress suite of applications.

The integration enables organizations to maintain accurate and up-to-date address information about their customers, first at the point of initial customer interaction as it is captured in the call center or via an Internet site, and secondly, on a continuous basis through the utilization of Experian's suite of Data Management solutions. Experian acquired QAS Ltd. in October 2004.

QuickAddress Names software allows a business to become more effective at capturing accurate customer information from the start by saving keystrokes and preventing data errors as call center personnel enter a customer's information. This software utilizes a proprietary address searching mechanism powered by Experian information that validates names and addresses and populates fields automatically. Additionally, address information is validated and postal codes assigned in accordance with postal industry standards.

Once a customer's information is accurately entered into a database, Experian's Data Management solutions take over and provide continuous updating and maintenance of the customer information, as well as integrate analytical solutions for use in future direct marketing initiatives.

"Integrating Experian's end-to-end data management solutions with the QAS software allows marketers to execute campaigns more quickly and accurately. High-quality information captured at the source provides better long-term marketing results for our clients, enabling companies to better understand who their best customers are and the messages they are most responsive to," said Rick Erwin, senior vice president of Marketing and Product Development for Experian Marketing Services. "The ability to capture the highest quality data at the source and update it over time is a critical component to communicating effectively with customers and prospects."

This combination of Experian's advanced data hygiene products, such as Advanced Address Correction and Apartment Append, with the QAS suite of software products improves the quality of information being entered into a client's database throughout a customer's lifecycle, making it easier to leverage this data over time and greatly improving the success of marketing campaigns and other marketing initiatives.

"We understand that it's not only important to accurately capture customer data, but also to empower companies to utilize that data to its full extent on an ongoing basis," said Jonathan Hulford-Funnell, chief operating officer of QAS. "We are excited to see how our integration with Experian's data management products will enable companies to better organize, understand and interpret their customer information so they can become more profitable marketers."

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