ACI offers 'fast start' for Sepa migration

Source: ACI Worldwide

ACI Worldwide has today launched its 'fast-start' solutions to offer faster time-to-market for high-value and SEPA payments processing, and global messaging services.

ACI Money Transfer System is now available pre-configured and ready to deploy to 'fast-start' high-value payments processing in any banking environment.

Banks can now benefit from pre-packaged solutions for different payment types, including SWIFT, High-Value, ACH and SEPA. Benefits include enabling a faster time-to-market and greater agility to respond quickly to changing customer needs. The new packages include integrated online banking channels including tablet and mobile, and fraud and risk checking.

With the acquisition of S1, ACI's wholesale payments, corporate banking and online solutions are operating in over 1600 global institutions.

For over 30 years Money Transfer System has been recognised as the most reliable and functionally complete payments and financial message processing solution in the market. Banks achieve unsurpassed levels of customer satisfaction and straight-through processing rates with Money Transfer System, whether deployed as a complete solution for payments processing or as part of a wider hub strategy. It is a proven product with industry leading functionality - Money Transfer System processes more that US$12 trillion of payments, every day.

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