POS Portal to push Ingenico NFC- and EMV-ready terminals

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico, a leading worldwide provider of payment devices and services, and POS Portal, a top distributor of POS terminal modules, announced today that the distributor has selected Ingenico's new generation Telium series point-of-sale (POS) products for sale and distribution to its independent sales organizations (ISOs) in the United States.

With the eminent migration to EMV chip-based contact and contactless payments in the U.S., the two companies made a pro-active decision to bring the latest Telium series POS devices, designed on the new Telium 2 technology architecture, into the U.S. marketplace. Under the agreement, POS Portal will distribute Ingenico's countertop terminals, NFC-ready mobile devices, and customer-facing terminals that are Class A certified and ready to securely accommodate all forms of payment including contactless, EMV, NFC mobile, and traditional magnetic stripe cards.

The complete Telium series covers iCT220 & iCT250 countertop terminals, iWL220 & iWL250BL (bluetooth) wireless devices, iPP220 & iPP320 PIN pads, and iSMP smartpay mobile device for iPhone® and iPod touch®.

"As one of the top distributors of POS modular devices and solutions, we continuously strive to deliver value to our customers by encouraging innovation that solves real business challenges," said Joe Villamil, vice president of Business Development at POS Portal. "The migration to EMV presents complex challenges for our customers. We are confident that Ingenico and its new Telium range of POS products will be a perfect fit for our company. For one, our teams share a similar vision of providing a variety of complete and state-of-the-art POS solutions. And two, their latest line of products brings new options for our clients that are innovative and comply with all upcoming EMV and mobile 3G wireless mandates."

All Ingenico's Telium products offer the latest indsutry leading dual chip technology for higher performance, innovative design for customer convenience, and the most advanced security and encryption solutions that meet the latest PCI PTS 3.0 and international security algoriths including DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session. Each device comes standard with all payment technologies already embedded to enable merchants securely accept and process electronic payments.

"As the largest POS hardware and software manufacturer, with 17 million terminals installed globally, our business is to continue to introduce the latest engineering innovations and security solutions to the point-of-sale. Our expertise is in designing and manufacturing the devices, and we rely on our partners to sell and distribute Ingenico products in the U.S.," said Bernie Frey, senior vice president of Acquirer Sales, Ingenico, North America. "We are very pleased to partner with POS Portal on the distribution of our Telium range of products to help meet ever changing and dynamic payment acceptance needs of their customers. We are ready and committed to equip POS Portal with the highest-performing POS products available in the U.S. market capable of supporting traditional and new types of payment such as EMV, contactless, and NFC-enabled mobile payments."

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