Deutsche Börse makes machine-readable automated trading available to third party execution platforms

Source: Deutsche Borse

Market Data & Analytics has launched AlphaFlash Trader, a new trading application that delivers 'drag and drop' automated event driven trading to popular execution platforms.

The new tool is already available to traders using the X_TRADER® Pro platform from Trading Technologies International, Inc. and will be adapted to other execution platforms going forward. With the launch of AlphaFlash Trader, machine-readable news becomes accessible to a new client group. Deutsche Börse is therefore enabling more traders to execute automated trades based on macroeconomic indicators.

"AlphaFlash Trader allows clients to configure trading parameters and participate in automated trading without any programming skills - this is a radically new approach. The user interface is easy to use and intuitive, which means a broader user group can now access and benefit from AlphaFlash content and infrastructure," said Georg Gross, Head of Front Office Data & Analytics at Deutsche Börse.

AlphaFlash Trader makes use of Deutsche Börse's algo news feed AlphaFlash that delivers more than 300 global macroeconomic indicators as well as U.S. and international treasury auction data to algo traders. AlphaFlash Trader subscribers will therefore be able to trade on market moving global economic indicators and releases such as central bank interest rate decisions, employment numbers, housing statistics, gross domestic product figures, CPI, industrial output, FX reserves, money supply and more.

The application uses a simple 'drag and drop' methodology whereby users can select the economic indicators and configure trading parameters so that their orders will be executed immediately after release. Multiple orders can be entered for different markets and asset classes simultaneously.

Deutsche Börse is planning to make AlphaFlash Trader available on other trading platforms. AlphaFlash Trader is available for a 15-day free trial.

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