Clairmail mobile gets RSA certification

Source: Clairmail

Clairmail, Inc., the leader in mobile banking and payment solutions, today announced its acceptance to the Secured by RSA ® Certified Partner Program and has certified interoperability between Clairmail's Mobile Banking Solution and RSA Adaptive Authentication software from RSA®, The Security Division of EMC (EMC).

Already an RSA Secured® Partner, the new interoperability partnership comes after rigorous RSA certification testing of Clairmail's Mobile Banking Solution and reinforces Clairmail's commitment to continually advancing platform security for end users and Financial Institutions (FIs).

According to McAfee's 2012 Threat Predictions report, mobile security threats are predicted to evolve and grow dramatically in 2012 as mobile banking and payments adoption continues to outpace any other banking channel in customer growth. By expanding their partnership via a thorough testing and certification process of the interoperability of the Clairmail Mobile Banking Solution, Clairmail and RSA are working to mitigate these dangers and stop new mobile risks before they threaten end users, while minimally affecting overall user experience. The new RSA certification bolsters Clairmail's enterprise-strength platform security by introducing additional layers of authentication to the company's rigid security suite. As the first mobile banking and payments provider to achieve Secured by RSA ® Certified Partner status, Clairmail continues to lead the mobile banking and payments industries in protecting FIs and their customers from new vulnerabilities as mobile financial technologies begin to see mainstream adoption in 2012.

"We are pleased to expand our relationship with Clairmail within the Secured by RSA Certified Partner Program. The industry is rapidly crossing over into new and more powerful mobile applications for business and e-commerce. By building in the right protections, security can be an enabler of these exciting new innovations," said Sam Curry, CTO of Identity and Data Protection at RSA. "Interoperability between RSA and Clairmail will help customers deliver a mobile solution that is both more secure and convenient for the end user."

Currently used by more than 8,000 organizations worldwide, RSA® Adaptive Authentication software provides Clairmail customers with best-in-class risk-based protection, helping to minimize consumer and financial institution risk by confirming user identities through device identification, user behavior profiling and monitoring fraud data while also working with additional FI and Clairmail-specific resources to further determine suspicious activity. These traditionally disparate elements working in harmony to strengthen end user and FI security further validate the open connectivity and integration capabilities of the Clairmail Platform, which is core to the company's overall vision of easily facilitating integration within the larger mobile ecosystem. RSA Adaptive Authentication software is immediately available to current and prospective Clairmail customers as an interoperable part of Clairmail's enterprise-wide Mobile Banking Solution.

"Clairmail's status as the first mobile banking solution to achieve Secured by RSA ® Certified Partner status substantiates Clairmail as one of the most secure mobile banking and payments providers in this rapidly evolving space," said Gordon Simpson, CTO at Clairmail. "Our interoperability partnership with RSA continues a demonstrated commitment to security innovation, and Clairmail's interoperability with RSA Adaptive Authentication software will help to significantly increase consumer and FI protections as mobile threats escalate in 2012."

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