Casa de Bolsa Finamex signs for Greenline VeriFIX

Source: Greenline Financial Technologies

Greenline Financial Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of electronic trading marketplace solutions, today announced that Casa de Bolsa Finamex, Mexico's premier brokerage firm for multi-asset execution services, has selected Greenline's VeriFIX for automated and reliable business-wide system testing.

Finamex uses VeriFIX to test connectivity and functionality between its own applications and vendor networks, client order management systems (OMSs) as well as equities and derivatives exchanges in Mexico.

"Greenline's VeriFIX is a powerful tool that has allowed Finamex to save time and resources when doing application testing at many different levels. Tests can be automatically conducted at any time, helping our technologists to do complete quality assurance more efficiently and at earlier stages in the development process. In today's markets, a single code change may imply hundreds of additional test cases. Plus the ever-changing regulatory environment makes our testing cycle more frequent and significant than ever before. The precision and reliability of VeriFIX enabled us to not only perform high-quality testing but also to achieve the deepest coverage ever compared to traditional testing methods," said Hector Casavantes, Director of Electronic Trading at Finamex.

"Our partnership with Finamex reinforces our commitment to developing sophisticated electronic trading solutions for market participants in Mexico. Finamex has fully embraced electronic trading in their business model and serves as a full-service brokerage for clients looking to access both local markets in Mexico and markets around the world. Through Greenline's high quality, reliable automated testing solutions, Finamex can rapidly achieve testing and accelerate deployment so clients can begin trading," said Josh Tolman, President at Greenline.

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