Greenline Delivers VeriFIX to Bursa Malaysia

Source: Greenline

Greenline Financial Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of electronic trading marketplace solutions, today announced it has partnered with Bursa Malaysia to deliver automated FIX protocol testing.

Bursa Malaysia selected Greenline's VeriFIX® automated testing tool and testing advisory services. Bursa Malaysia is part of the ASEAN trading initiative that selected VeriFIX to automate connectivity testing across its regionally connected exchanges. The ASEAN electronic trading initiative is an intra-Asian cross-border order routing and trading platform that allows investor and broker members to access multiple markets through a single connection. Greenline was also selected for similar solutions for regional exchange partnerships such as the MILA trading platform initiative in Latin America and the CEESEG Group in Eastern Europe.

"Greenline partners with over thirty exchanges globally, including eight of the top ten exchanges, and over fifty of the world's largest global broker-dealers. Bursa Malaysia has chosen Greenline for testing across exchange and client connections within the ASEAN trading initiative because of its proven track record to accelerate, automate and drive efficiencies in providing technology for market access," said Phill Jeffrey, Head of Asia at Greenline.

"Greenline's Professional Services team quickly provided advisory services and training to enable immediate automation capabilities. Greenline has unique experience with inter-exchange connectivity testing, from planning and execution to management. Our best practices provide full-service testing solutions for exchanges in both traditional and regional routing arrangements. Greenline continues to be a key partner in helping to grow the ASEAN trading initiative," said Josh Nardo, Head of Professional Services at Greenline.

Bursa Malaysia will use VeriFIX to automate its testing into ASEAN exchanges. Technologists can simultaneously and efficiently run through scenarios with multiple counterparties in a reliable testing environment. Results can be instantly displayed and analyzed, improving the testing workflow and decreasing deployment timeframes.

Greenline Professional Servicees provided advisory services and training to develop and manage the automated testing program. Greenline Customer Support is locally available around-the-clock for technologists based in the Asia Pacific region.

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