Deutsche Börse makes algo news feed available in new CME co-lo facility

Source: Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse - Market Data & Analytics has made available its algorithmic news feed "AlphaFlash" in the CME Co-Location facility located in Chicago's suburbs via its subsidiary Need to Know News.

This is the second data center in the Chicago area that offers clients direct access to AlphaFlash. Two more access points in the U.S. are located in Secaucus (New Jersey) and Washington D.C.

AlphaFlash provides automated traders with machine-readable trading signals for direct and easy integration in their algorithms. "Chicago is one of the most important algo trading communities in the world. By adding this new connectivity option, we are enabling our clients to trade even more efficiently on the local derivatives market using AlphaFlash messages," said Georg Gross, Head of Front Office Data & Analytics, Deutsche Börse. Customers can now select either the CME Co-Location facility or Equinix's Chicago 2 (CH2) International Business Exchange™ (IBX) data center.

AlphaFlash focuses on delivering market moving events, such as key macroeconomic indicators, global treasury auctions results and corporate news. Speed of data delivery is constantly optimized, in particular by introducing new connectivity options. AlphaFlash subscribers can choose among several data packages, e.g. U.S., Canadian, European or Asia-Pacific economic indicators, U.S. and Global Treasury Auctions, the Chicago PMI, as well as the Corporate News Germany feed. AlphaFlash is available in a number of data centers across the globe, including Chicago, Secaucus (New Jersey), Washington D.C., Sao Paulo, Frankfurt, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore. 

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