EFront launches performance and risk optimisation system for limited partners

Source: eFront

EFront, provider of financial software for alternative investment management, has launched Pevara, a performance and risk optimization solution for limited partners (LPs) investing in private equity. This launch follows a successful beta phase which began in November 2011.

LPs can use Pevara to easily combine the offering's private equity benchmarks and powerful analytical tools with their funds' cash flows to help them decide whether to invest in a fund, sell an existing fund, reduce exposure in a geography, and adjust the asset allocation of their portfolio. Pevara's scalable platform enables LPs to devote more time to strategic portfolio analysis, reducing their operational risk and instilling greater confidence in investor beneficiaries.

Olivier Dellenbach, founder and CEO of eFront, says, "One of the key challenges for limited partners is the lack of reliable benchmarks and easy-to-use tools for thorough portfolio analysis and reporting. Pevara addresses these challenges by empowering LPs with automated tools to access and interpret investment information. Investors who take advantage of new technology like this will better understand the performance of their investment managers and performance trends, and will ultimately be more successful."

Available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, users can take advantage of Pevara's capabilities within minutes of subscribing. Subscribers can access Pevara's extensive analytics and benchmarking tools and library of pre-built reports including IRR J-curves, trailing returns and total value multiples. This is all supported by Pevara's comprehensive database of global fund performance - built directly from fund cash flow data provided by LPs. The database is constructed from thousands of funds from across the globe, offering a meaningful distribution of data.

Paul DiBlasi, COO of Pevara, added, "The service was designed with ease of use in mind, which was validated during the beta phase. Pevara saves LPs time by streamlining labor-intensive processes related to portfolio analysis and reporting. Pevara is vital to LPs who are increasing their commitment to private equity and need to effectively evaluate their investment options and provide their investment committee with greater transparency. I'm proud of the availability of this powerful platform and am excited to launch it to a wider audience." 

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