CardinalCommerce secures US patents

Source: CardinalCommerce

CardinalCommerce, the world leader in enabling remote commerce (internet, mobile, etc.), announced that it has secured additional intellectual property protection.

The United States patent office has awarded patent US 8,099,301 B2 and US 8,170,954. These two patents protect a broad range of services including setting controls by consumers for payments and by benefit administrators for pharmaceutical order fulfillment.

"Consumers can now set limits and configure controls and parameters as to how their funds can be used for automatic bill payment, subscriptions, utilities and other types of routine payments or withdrawals. Cardinal's technology protects consumer interests by requiring that invoices or bills presented for payment meet the parameters established by account holders in order for payment to be released," said Michael Roche, Vice President at Cardinal. "This has particular relevance for payments that are automatic withdrawals from debit accounts or charges to credit accounts/cards."

"We have worked with Cardinal for more than a decade to create, strengthen, and grow their globally protective intellectual property (IP) portfolio. From inception they had the foresight to invest in their technology and IP. We are comfortable that Cardinal's portfolio is broad, comprehensive and expanding," said Patrick R. Roche of Fay Sharpe LLP, a nationally prominent IP law firm. "These awards continue to show the intellectual property breadth Cardinal has in addressing the needs of the marketplace."

"We are excited because with this technology consumers have more control over their resources," said Mike Keresman, Chief Executive Officer of Cardinal. "We believe that banks, merchants and payment brands that want to protect consumers' interests will find our technology, capability and intellectual property very beneficial. Our IP and established capabilities combine to provide the broadest range of services and help 'future proof' our Customer's needs."

Cardinal's patent portfolio now includes 26 issued patents and more than 60 patent applications pending. 

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