Corelation signs Miramar Federal Credit Union

Source: Corelation

The credit union industry's newest core processing vendor, Corelation Inc., continues adding new clients to its family, recently signing Miramar Federal Credit Union ($177 million; 8,339 members, San Diego, CA) to implement the core processor's KeyStone technology.

Miramar FCU plans to go live with Corelation's KeyStone technology November 2012. To date, Corelation has five credit unions live and five more awaiting conversions.

"We really like the browser-based, member-centric design and their standard real-time XML API interface that allows us additional functionality and customization capabilities," says Miramar FCU's CEO Max R. Paul. "But I think what's more important for us is that Corelation has a better handle on how to use their system to enhance the credit union experience for the members and staff."

"Having Miramar Federal Credit Union join the Corelation family is just like the neighbor up the street coming over to welcome you to the neighborhood," says Corelation President, Theresa Benavidez. "Miramar is literally up the street from Corelation and we couldn't think of a better neighbor to come over and join our family. We look forward to helping Miramar enhance their ability to service their members now and well into the future." 

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