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Source: Trusteer

Trusteer, the leading provider of endpoint cybercrime preventionsolutions, today announced a new version of the Trusteer Mobile service which prevents mobile and online banking fraud.

Trusteer Mobile detects mobilemalware infection and helps bank customers fix security vulnerabilities on their devices. End users can also turn off access to their online bank accounts from anywhere using their mobile devices and safely access the bank web site via a secure mobile browser. Financial institutions can authorize online banking transactions using Trusteer Mobile Out-of-band Authentication for Android and iOS devices.

Trusteer Mobile supports iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and will be on display at Payments 2012 booth 250.

According to Goode Intelligence's Third mSecurity Survey, 24 percent of organizations reported evidence of mobile malware within their business in 2011; up from just nine percent in 2010. The report also found that only 18 percent of organizations are protecting mobile devices with anti-mobile malware solutions.

360 Degree Protection for Mobile and Online Banking
Trusteer Mobile provides the following capabilities to protect mobile access devices against malware designed to commit financial fraud:

Mobile Malware Detection- scans the device to detect malware infections, vulnerabilities, rogue configurations, and potential security risks. Using new threat and Crime Logic (i.e. attacktactics)information uncovered by the Trusteer Intelligence Center, Trusteer Mobile is continuously updated with countermeasures to protect against emerging malware threats.

Secure Mobile Browser - can beaccessed after the device analysis is completed and blocks Man-in-the-Middle (i.e. Pharming) attacks byvalidating that online banking IP addresses and SSL certificates are genuine. It can be used tosafely access the online banking web site or any other site. Banks can limit mobile access to their online banking application to devices that are using the securemobile browser.

Online Banking Transaction Authorization - enables financial institutions to push secure out-of-band transaction authorization requests to mobile devices to validateaccount login and financial transactions. Users can accept ordeny pending transactions and review their account transaction history.

Self-Service Account Lockdown - allows users to disable account access when they are not bankingonline to prevent criminals from using stolen credentials to submit fraudulent transactions. Account lockdown is triggered through a simple "On/Off" switch or can be configured to activate shortly after online banking sessions are terminated.

Endpoint Security Dashboard - provides end users with real time notification of malware infections anddevice risks, as well as step-by-step instructions to remove malware and resolve security flaws.

"As we have seen on PCs and Macs, without reliable endpoint malware protection virtually all strong security controls can be circumvented," said Amit Klein, CTO of Trusteer.

"Trusteer Mobile extends our proven Cybercrime Prevention Architecture and Malware Intelligence capabilities to mobile platforms. It ensures mobile banking sessions and out-of-band transaction authentication are executed on a secure, malware-free device," he added.

Trusteer Mobile will be available from Trusteer and its business partners on a worldwide basis at the end of Q2 2012.

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