BT Radianz extends footprint to 40 more data centres

Source: BT Radianz

BT today announces a new addition to its BT Radianz Cloud portfolio and enhancements to its BT Radianz Proximity services that will extend the footprint of its hosting capabilities at non-BT datacentres ten-fold and provide lowest optimal latency between trading venues.

Known collectively as BT Radianz Venue, the suite of new and enhanced services will help customers address the challenges of liquidity, fragmentation and new trading opportunities while enhancing trade execution performance.

BT Radianz Venue consists of three services: BT Radianz Venue Interconnect, BT Radianz Venue Access and BT Radianz Venue Presence.

BT Radianz Venue Interconnect is a new service that offers lowest optimal latency between trading venues within the same city, and between different cities worldwide. It is used by customers currently located at, or in close proximity to these venues, to connect to counterparties and with other parts of a customer's own trading infrastructure. It includes monitoring to micro-second level using resilient industry-leading probes deployed in each venue. Regular reviews and 'evergreening' of technology mean that users of BT Radianz Venue Interconnect can be sure of the best-in-breed technologies, circuits and routing to achieve lowest site-to-site latency.

BT Radianz Venue Access now allows connectivity to the BT Radianz Cloud from 40 non-BT hosting centres worldwide that have been identified as venues where significant clusters of capital markets community customers are present, including the data centres of Exchanges. This represents a ten-fold increase in the number of non-BT hosting locations where BT has pre-provisioned infrastructure to readily offer BT Radianz services.

BT Radianz Venue Presence is an extension of the BT Radianz Proximity hosting proposition, previously only offered at its own venues. This allows BT to manage a client's server and connectivity infrastructure that is hosted in venues served by BT Radianz Venue Access and Interconnect.

Key to this family of capabilities is that users can gain fast, secure access to and between trading venues internationally that are linked to the BT Radianz Cloud, which supports the world's largest, secure networked financial community. In additionaddition, BT can provide the benefit of managed hosting and co-location at each of these execution venues combined with lowest-latency interconnectivity between exchanges, Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs), Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTFs) and data centers around the world.

Alex Tabb, partner at TABB Group, the capital markets strategic advisory and research firm in New York and London, said: "In today's automated market environment, global connectivity is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, with automation comes complexity and cost. This is why market participants across the world's financial markets are looking for new services that can connect globally fragmented markets to deliver lower-latency connectivity with greater operational flexibility, less complexity, and at a lower cost. Delivering on these values will create significant upside opportunities for those firms that invest."

Tom Regent, President, Global Banking & Financial Markets and Sales & Marketing, BT, said: "All our portfolio innovations are designed to address industry challenges and meet customer needs. By offering the fastest routes to support best execution of trades, BT Radianz Venue is a great example of how BT is helping its customers gain faster, closer and smarter access to the global financial markets.

"These are fully managed solutions, helping our customers to gain savings on their total cost of ownership (TCO) of communications by as much as 50 per cent[1] year-on-year by using the BT Radianz Cloud instead of a DIY solution."
BT Radianz Venue will initially be deployed at locations in Asia Pacific, Europe, LATAM and North America.

The launch of BT Radianz Venue marks the first of several product and service innovations for the financial community that BT will be announcing this year.

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