Austrian energy group Linz selects OneMarketData for quant trading

Source: One MarketData

OneMarketData, the founders of OneTick, a single solution for complex event processing (CEP) and tick data that spans both historical and real-time, today announced that LINZ AG, a Northern Austrian energy and infrastructure supplier, has selected OneTick to drive strategy development and signal generation for quant trading.

By re-writing all of its trading strategies in OneTick, LINZ AG will be competitively positioned to go to market with new ideas quicker, empowering them to achieve greater returns through enhanced data management.

LINZ AG will implement OneTick for data storage and analysis of their futures market, trade and execution data. OneTick's powerful analytical tools will enable LINZ AG to run historical simulations and back-tests through OneTick's integration with algorithm development programs Matlab and "R." LINZ AG will also utilize OneTick to build transaction-cost models and perform real-time surveillance.

"With competition in the futures market getting tougher each day, we needed a data management solution that provides an edge over other industry players," said Christoph Walchhofer, Division Manager Energy Management of LINZ AG/LINZ STROM GmbH. "With the ability to capture, compress and archive massive amounts of market data, OneTick enables us to use our data to uncover new trading strategies ahead of the curve."

"LINZ AG choosing OneTick for trading strategy development is a testament to OneTick's unique position in the industry as an integrated CEP and database solution," said Leonid Frants, CEO of OneMarketData. "OneTick gives financial institutions the freedom to concentrate on trading by taking control of its technology and LINZ AG is the latest firm to recognize the impact an integrated historical and real-time solution can make."

Built from inception as a single integrated system, OneTick allows users to create a single code-set for historical analysis and real-time signal generation. Users are able to apply OneTick analytics to historical and real-time data queries, significantly lowering the total cost of ownership and standing out against similar systems. Users benefit from minimized costs related to licensing, installing and overseeing various data management systems which don't have the ability to collect and analyze historical and real-timime data.

The platform also aids in extensive quantitative research, strategy development and thorough back-testing through bull, bear and other market-impacting conditions.

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