CMA Datavision Streaming unveiled

Source: CMA Datavision Streaming

CMA Datavision Streaming builds on CMA's existing same-day pricing services. The new product provides accurate tick-by-tick pricing for OTC credit instruments including CDS single names, indices, tranches, LCDS, bonds, loans and switches.

Intraday curve data is also available for CDS single names, indices, tranches and LCDS. CMA Datavision Streaming has been built to enable front and middle-office professionals to manage intraday counterparty risk, research and analyse trading opportunities and monitor market positions to make more informed execution decisions.

CMA's data is sourced electronically on executable and indicative prices from the largest and most active buy-side credit investors, making it the most credible and reliable data in the market. This unique access to OTC market information enables users to monitor changes in market pricing, risk and liquidity instantly.

CMA Datavision Streaming timely data is available over a secure web service application via API and can be integrated seamlessly into in-house credit pricing systems. The application uses industry standard protocols and data formats to allow a simple push-data integration with a wide range of systems including workflows, platforms and in-house applications, Excel and databasesĀ 

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