QuantHouse upgrades automated trading platform

Source: QuantHouse

QuantHouse, a business of S&P Capital IQ providing real-time market data and end-to-end systematic trading solutions to global users, announced the release of QuantFactory 5.3.0 to enable quant traders, researchers and developers at banks, hedge funds and prop desks to quickly build and deploy alpha models thus allowing them to focus on business development.

The firm's advanced algo-trading development tool is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to help clients in North America, Europe and Asia to significantly optimize each step of the automated trading development cycle, from data acquisition to alpha discovery and from back-testing to production.

QuantFACTORY 5.3.0 introduces five new features to its existing structure, namely Walk Forward optimization in QuantDEVELOPER, latency simulation in the execution simulator, back-testing initialization in QuantENGINE, datafile splits and full support of Microsoft .NET 4.0.

Clients can optimize on a smaller time window, return trading results over the following period and slide to the next window and re-optimize until the entire historical data has been used; benefit from additional simulation parameters including market data and execution latency; run back-tests on historical data to initialize the portfolio to 'warm-up' any portfolio-based logic and get the current state of the strategy at the point of resuming live trading; split datafiles using time-based and date type rules and build new strategies using the new features.

The product's foundation layer provides a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) to build computerized quantitative trading systems. It handles all asset classes (futures, forex, equities and bonds etc.) and runs multiple models on different timescales at the individual user's request.

Pierre-François Filet, managing director and co-founder at QuantHouse, commented:
"This latest version captures the spirit of QuantHouse's product strategy and evolution. We have always focused on expanding the platform's functionality while delivering top performance, a fluid user experience, and flexible, easy implementation. We remain dedicated to offering our clients the richest, most robust solution available in the industry today."

Stephane Leroy, head of global sales and marketing at QuantHouse, continued:
"Our job is to provide our customers with the most up to date solutions for the challenges that they and the markets are currently facing. QuantFACTORY 5.3.0 has been developed to do just that and with this latest version our customers will remain one step ahead of their competitors." 

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