BME expands Spanish market data range

Source: BME

BME, through its subsidiary BME Market Data, expands its range of information products for the Spanish stock market, among which are a new family of analytics products which, in a first stage, incorporate daily data on securities lending and margin buying as well as monthly information on floating capital tranches and liquidity of stocks.

Besides, in the index category, the BME Market Data offering has expanded to incorporate index future replicating portfolios on the IBEX 35 based on the index's constituents as well as a replicating portfolio on the IGBM. Replicating portfolios allow the creation of baskets of securities indexed to two major Spanish indices, and track the performance of both indices with the maximum accuracy possible.

Lastly, and with a view to meeting the demands of graphic analysis, BME Market Data has developed ad-hoc files that provide historical series adjusted for price and volume by sensitive corporate action (splits, dividend payments, capital increases, nominal capital decreases, etc), for Equities, ETFs and SICAVs.

With the incorporation of these data products, BME Market Data takes another step forward in its response to the growing and increasingly sophisticated demand for data on the Spanish stock markets. 

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