Fitch Solutions unveils bank credit risk indicators package

Source: Fitch Solutions

Fitch Solutions has launched a new suite of Bank Credit Risk Indicators to directly assist Credit Risk Managers, CVA Desks and Corporate Treasurers in better managing their regulatory, capital adequacy and risk mitigation requirements.

'Credit and counterparty risk exposure to financial institutions has become more pertinent than ever for market practitioners in recent months, especially in light of the sovereign debt crisis,' said Thomas Aubrey, Managing Director, Fitch Solutions, London. 'Other data providers do supply various bank credit risk indicators, though they do not encapsulate both bank information and CDS pricing data to the magnitude that Fitch Solutions does.'

This suite of Fitch proprietary data will allow subscribers to better manage their levels of Credit and Counterparty Risk exposure towards Financial Institutions. The risk indicators provide access to Fitch's world-leading coverage of bank financial data and credit ratings along with additional credit risk indicators to further validate and benchmark results from internal models.

The set of credit risk indicators is delivered via an integrated data delivery platform, ensuring that all data can be delivered as one standardized feed, enabling easy integration into internal systems. This empowers credit and counterparty risk functions to employ a standard and consistent method for monitoring banks going forward.

The following data sets are available as part of Fitch Solutions' Bank Credit Risk Indicators package:

--Credit Rating Data: Fitch Ratings' proprietary ratings, watches and outlooks on 3,500 banks and historical rating actions on 9,500 banks;
--Fundamental Financial Data: annual and interim financial data covering over 10,000 U.S. banks and 17,500 global banks in over 200 countries;
--Financial Implied Ratings: one-year forward assessments of the stand-alone financial strength on over 13,000 banks, including 3 years of history;
--Implied CDS Spreads: daily implied CDS spreads for over 5,800 banks that are calculated using only statistical factors;
--CDS Pricing: consensus CDS prices from the top market makers delivered daily on nearly 250 banks;
--CDS Liquidity Scores: a measure for identifying liquidity risk in the CDS market for the consensus CDS universe;
--CDS Indices: a set of granular, independent, and data-driven corporate and sovereign indices. 

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