KVH partners Teliris to push video conferencing tech

Source: KVH

KVH Co. Ltd., Asia's leading information delivery platform, today announced it will become the first partner of the Teliris Channel Partner Program in Japan.

Beginning today, KVH will globally offer KVH VCONNECT(TM), a set of video collaboration solutions that combine Teliris' video conferencing products with KVH's own network services.

Teliris' products excel in interoperability with other telepresence systems, traditional video conferencing, and Unified Communications ecosystems, enabling customers to experience the benefits of highly flexible and scalable video collaboration solutions while leveraging existing assets. KVH VCONNECT(TM) will also meet growing demand for video conferencing tools that support enterprises' business continuity planning (BCP) while reducing costs.

As an end-to-end managed service, KVH VCONNECT(TM) supports all network and system-related processes including procurement, configuration, implementation, maintenance, and operations. This allows customers to quickly start using the service with rental equipment on their premises and KVH's low-latency Network Services such as KVH Ether-MAN EX in Japan and KVH Global MPLS VPN for international connections.

Compared to traditional video conferencing systems, KVH VCONNECT(TM) is expected to offer an easier and quicker implementation as it does not require the preparation of an expensive MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) at a customer premise. The minimum bandwidth of network services required is only 3 Mbps for the highest definition video traffic to connect two locations. All services are available with KVH's 24 x 7 bilingual service desk and 99% system availability Service Level Agreement (SLA).

KVH VCONNECT(TM) offers three services including "Teliris Express," a group telepresence solution consisting of high-grade equipment with one to three 65-inch high-definition displays (720p 60/30 frames per second), "Teliris StartPoint," a lightweight appliance designed to telepresence-enable almost any HDMI-compatible display for seamless communication, and "Teliris @nywhere," a software-based video client that delivers aers a HD video experience on any notebook or desktop computer over the internet. Thus, users can join a video conference via the internet using a PC or MAC installed with the "Teliris @nywhere"

client and control their schedule and user administration at any time and place via a dedicated portal site. The platform licenses many of the standard-based audio and video codec including H.264/SVC, which provides superb tolerance for jitter and packet-loss.
KVH VCONNECT(TM) offers businesses a cost effective solution by lowering total cost of ownership (TCO) and using a monthly-based pricing structure that includes rental equipment and network connectivity. Minimum monthly charges start at 250,000 yen (excluding initial set-up costs and network connectivity) to install "Teliris StarPoint" in two locations domestically and overseas.

The global video conference system market is expected to grow by double digits over the next five years. Moreover, video conferencing has drawn renewed attention for BCP since the Great Tohoku Earthquake in Japan last year. By leveraging its strengths in offering reliable and secure infrastructure services, KVH will meet diversified communication needs of multinational corporations including those in the financial services and manufacturing industries.

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