WorldPay selects Sysnet for US merchant PCI compliance programme

Source: Sysnet

Sysnet Global Solutions, a leading provider of payment card industry compliance services, specializing in PCI DSS compliance validation and merchant intelligence solutions, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with WorldPay, a global leader in card payments, to provide PCI DSS compliance validation services to WorldPay's US-based merchants.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of comprehensive requirements developed by the founding payment brands of the PCI Security Council for enhancing the security of payment account data, transactions and payment systems. Both WorldPay and Sysnet are committed to providing businesses with solutions to help achieve and maintain required PCI DSS compliance and reduce the risk of cardholder theft.

Sysnet and WorldPay have worked closely together to develop a fully branded, customized solution that meets the specific needs of WorldPay's merchant portfolio. The program includes a tailored communication program designed to encourage merchant engagement and to assist business owners throughout the compliance journey. Delivered through a WorldPay-branded, online portal, the program provides merchants with a step-by-step approach to achieving and maintaining PCI compliance. The program also includes live support to assist merchants with questions they may during the validation process.

The solution incorporates an online self-assessment questionnaire that enables customers to quickly and easily identify any areas of their business where they may fall short of the minimum security requirements of the PCI standard. They also receive scheduled scans of their website, e-commerce applications and IP addresses to identify potential points that could be compromised or hacked, along with easy-to-follow instructions to remedy deficiencies.

Additionally, Sysnet provides WorldPay with enhanced reporting and monitoring capabilities to manage the compliance of its merchants, assisting WorldPay in meeting their compliance requirements.

In addition to the WorldPay PCI Program, WorldPay offers additional payment protection to its customers through its industry-leading End-to-End Payment Encryption service. This service provides exceptional security against data breaches by removing cardholder data from the point of sale and offers better protection thation than many competing software products or host-based solutions. Combined, these programs provide a robust solution for small businesses to help reduce their risk of a data breach and secure cardholder data.

"One of the greatest "invisible" points of vulnerability - particularly for small business owners - is in credit card number theft. They often feel that their size makes it not worth a hacker's time…when, the fact is, that's who hackers successfully target most frequently," said Patti Newcomer, Chief Marketing Officer for WorldPay US. "At WorldPay, we are passionate about helping merchants - arming them, if you will -- to protect both their business and their customers. In Sysnet, we are fortunate to have found a partner that shares our level of commitment to small business owners."

"By choosing to implement this approach to PCI DSS merchant compliance validation, WorldPay has demonstrated their commitment, not only to protecting cardholder data within their merchant base, but also to making it as easy as possible for their merchants to validate and maintain their compliance" said Gabriel Moynagh, Chief Executive Officer at Sysnet "We are delighted to be working with WorldPay in the US and look forward to assisting them in achieving complete merchant portfolio PCI compliance."

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