Sequent Software joins GlobalPlatform

Source: GlobalPlatform

Sequent Software, a leading provider of Near Field Communication (NFC) software, has joined GlobalPlatform, the global organization that standardizes the management of applications related to secure chip technology.

Sequent's membership enables it to contribute to specifications that ensure the interoperability of secure contactless services. The company, which provides a software and services platform for this developing market, plans to participate in the formation of business requirements and the development of best practices in different industry sectors.

"GlobalPlatform Specifications are at the center of interoperability for the secure contactless services market, and that is where Sequent plays a key role," said Drew Weinstein, Sequent's Chief Executive Officer. "As Sequent continues to develop its software platform for NFC, we want to participate actively in building a solid base of specifications and practices to meet the needs of all industry stakeholders."

The deployment of NFC technology in mobile devices has been slowed by complex incumbent infrastructure. Now, Sequent solves that problem by bringing the industry a secure element management platform that is not affiliated with an application provider or security hardware vendor. In this neutral role, Sequent has the flexibility to support diverse contactless security technologies while rapidly onboarding a variety of issuers, application providers, and their technology partners. Sequent's products follow GlobalPlatform Specifications to ensure reliable and secure over-the-air and over-the-internet service to mobile network operators, contactless application providers, and their subscribers. By joining GlobalPlatform, Sequent will have access to new specifications as they are being developed, allowing the company to efficiently adapt to the latest innovations in the contactless services industry.

"Sequent's expertise in the NFC market makes the company a welcome addition to the membership," said Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform. "We look forward to its participation and contribution to our industry-leading initiatives."

As an Observer Member, Sequent will contribute to GlobalPlatform's Mobile Task Force, working with other members to advocate a neutral and scalable security management infrastructure that can protect current investments while enabling future technology evolution. Sequent will also participate in the GlobalPlatform Advisory Council to share its expertise on industry trends that will affect GlobalPlatform Specifications. 

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