Barrie & Hibbert launches insurance tools

Source: Barrie & Hibbert

Insurers are coming under ever increasing pressure to find the time and resources needed to comply with the complex demands of Solvency II.

The sheer computational intensity, for instance, of running an internal model; and the requirement to be able to justify model assumptions to regulators, has caused many insurers to look for new more efficient ways of working.

Barrie & Hibbert is proud to announce the launch of its Next Generation Solutions designed to help insurers work faster and smarter in today's high pressured environment.

Over the next twelve months we will be releasing a range of new products, each of which will comprehensively address particular business challenges. Clients will be able to choose whichever product is suitable for them, adding on additional products as their requirements change. The first products launched today are:

• MC ESG Solution
• Liability Proxy Generator

Speaking at today's launch, Brian Robinson, Life Principal Product Manager, Barrie & Hibbert stated, "These solutions consign to history many of those laborious resource-heavy routines that are often prone to inaccuracies. They provide access to an integrated suite of new and enhanced products and services in a way that introduces greater functionality, speed reliability and automation." 

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