Ukash live with Magento

Source: Ukash

Ukash, the global eMoney network, has teamed up with Magento, a leading provider of online shopping carts, so that more internet retailers can easily integrate Ukash and open their websites to new markets and offer more payment options for consumers.

David Hunter, chief executive of Ukash, said, "Consumers around the world who prefer to use cash, and retailers who recognise the growing popularity of alternative payment methods on the web, have already found Ukash to be a perfect solution for shopping online. We're excited about reaching even more retailers and consumers by integrating with one of the world's most popular online shopping carts.

"Ukash's integration with Magento is fantastic news for e-retailers, who will be able to welcome the growing number of Ukash users to shop on their sites and be open to a much wider global audience."

The Ukash Magento plug-in is available as a free download from Magento Connect Marketplace, or directly via Ukash. Installation is simple, with a standard Magento process and easy configuration to begin accepting Ukash immediately. Ukash provides multicurrency capability in 17 transaction currencies and full transactional reporting. All payment processes take place on secure Ukash webpages so there are no security risks and additional webpage development is also not required.

With Ukash, coins and banknotes can be converted into a unique 19 digit Ukash code at over 420,000 points of sale in 57 countries around the world including shops, kiosks, petrol stations and also online. The Ukash code can then be used to pay directly for goods and services on websites that accept Ukash or loaded on to prepaid cards and e-wallets.

Ukash is popular around the world for a variety of reasons because it enables people to use cash online; it's convenient and easy to get; it's safe and secure as there's no need to share financial details online; and it's a means to manage spending as each voucher is for a fixed, prepaid amount.

Choosing to accept a cash alternative payment such as Ukash can be a sound entry strategy for retailers in new markets. Ukash enables cross-border e-commerce with one simple integration and no chargeback risk. 

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