Simplify adds PF data collection and reporting capability to PortfolioCentriX

Source: Simplify

Simplify, a global provider of investment and risk software, today announced it has released Form PF data collection and reporting capability within its flagship solution PortfolioCentriX.

PortfolioCentriX's Form PF solution can be used by institutional investors on a stand-alone basis, or by allocators and funds that use third party administrators.

Form PF is a new reporting requirement that applies to investment advisers to hedge funds, private equity funds and other private funds that meet certain asset thresholds. Investment Advisers will be required to report information on a quarterly or annual basis for use by the Financial Stability Oversight Council ("FSOC") as it seeks to monitor systemic risk to the US economy.

PortfolioCentriX is cloud-based, and offers institutional investors, consultants, and alternative investment allocators the ability to track, manager and report on their alternative fund investments. PortfolioCentriX™ supports hedge fund, fund of funds and private equity structures, and data sources. Now, it adds another dimension to monitoring exposures by allowing for the collection and storage of Form PF reporting by underlying funds.

Tarryn Valle, Senior Vice President notes, "Our solution merges Form PF exposure detail with our already best-in-class portfolio management, due diligence and risk analytics, presenting clients with the most complete profile for review across all their private fund holdings." Ms. Valle adds: "Simplify personnel can also assist in the process by collecting and enriching the data in PortfolioCentriX thus saving significant time and effort for our institutional clients."

"Our investment in the rapid deployment of our Form PF solution is evidence of our continuing commitment to alternative asset investors and allocators globally," said Brian Shapiro, President of Simplify. "As underlying managers face increasing regulatory reporting requirements, Simplify recognizes that their investors face an equally demanding series of challenges trying to make use of all this new information flow, and Simplify is focused on leveraging technological solutions and our expertise in hellping them take advantage."

Shapiro predicts that as managers grow accustomed to filing Form PF it will soon become the standard for reporting risk exposure to investors. Simplify will work with fund administrators and custodians as they roll out new means of passing the reports to investor clients, ensuring that PortfolioCentriX remains the ideal tracking system.

"As the only investor platform capable of collecting and reporting these regulator-defined risk measures, we will greatly streamline the risk monitoring process for all our clients," said Shapiro. "Finally, the days of cutting and pasting from email, PDF and spreadsheets will be over." 

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