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YESpay partnership with Ltd now provides integrated card payments for YESfstore, a new and unique social commerce combined Facebook storefront with integrated web card payments hosted service for retailers, big or small.

YESpay International and have teamed up to provide a hosted Facebook social commerce service called YESfstoreTM, a unique Facebook storefront with integrated payment services. By integrating the YES-wallet's Pouch digital wallet with YESpay's payment services, the companies now provide a platform that facilitates retailers and entrepreneurs to sell any goods and services via Facebook storefront pages with integrated web card payments.

YESfstore takes familiarity to likeability to convertibility

Retailers can capitalise on the millions of Facebook citizens and make them captive target audiences of product and services. There are millions of potential "fans" that can be converted into social shoppers that securely make orders and payments via their credit and debit cards!

Community of millions to make billions

YESfstoreTM is a hosted Facebook application that is free and easy to set-up and administer via the web. YESfstore enables true social commerce for merchants as it constructs and hosts their Facebook storefront pages fully integrated with its PouchTM web payment wallet within the YESfstore Facebook shopping basket.

Creation & management of storefront facebook pages made incredibly easy!

Twenty minutes is all it takes for any merchant or entrepreneur to set up new Facebook storefront:
• Fast and easy 24 x 7 web-based management with secure access
• Management of product categories, sub categories, stocks, discounts and sale items
• Multiple look-&-feel Facebook storefront designs
• Unlimited number of products as latest, new, popular, etc.
• Upload image and media files to promote products
• Real-time card payments processing with integrated Pouch Payment Wallet and 3D-secure
• Order and shipping tracking
• No programming needed

Unbeatable benefits for Facebook users using YESfstoreTM:
• Seamless Shopping experience! From the selection of products to payments, users stay on the merchant's YESfstore Facebook storefront pages.
• Wider Customer base! Retailers can reach out to millions of facebook users.
• Card payments totally integrated! With PouchTM wallet and YESfstore shopping basket
• Fans! Make people fans of your Facebook storefronts and let them Share and Like any of your products by enabling them to post products to their wall. This enables merchants viral access to even more potential new fans, and more fans means an increase in the number of potential buyers. - the hosted Application Service Provider (ASP) for YESfstoreTM - provides simple and secure web services to build a fully integrated Facebook storefront with retailers existing retail systems:
• Product Management - Manage product inventory on the Facebook storefront
• Order Notification - Receive real-time notifications of the Facebook store orders
• Order Management - Manage Facebook storefront orders, history and lifecycle 

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