Paymentez secures funding

Source: Paymentez

Paymentez, the largest monetization and payment platform for virtual content in Latin America, today announced that it has secured a round of capital funding led by Capital Management Zurich Ltd to further establish the company's leadership position in the sector.

Since becoming an independent company in early 2011, Paymentez turned into the payment platform of choice for Latin American internet users looking to acquire virtual content. Currently, over 50 companies leverage the Paymentez platform, as an alternative payment network to offer users easy payment options in one of the world's fastest growing regions in the e-commerce space. Amongst them, notables companies like Facebook, Zynga, Sulake, Playfish, Artix, PlaySpam, Grooveshark and Spil Games, are using the Paymentez solution on a daily basis to both reach users and monetize their content in Latin America.

"The rapid rate of acceptance of Paymentez' monetization platform is a clear sign that leading virtual content providers are realizing the potential that Latin America holds and recognize the region as a huge market. Capital Management Zurich is proud to work with Paymentez in its endeavor to become the monetization partner of choice across Latin America for all companies selling and distributing virtual content," says Stefan Hofmann, Managing Director, Capital Management Zurich Ltd.

"At Paymentez, we provide these companies with the most comprehensive payment and monetization solutions available, backed by a very experienced and creative team," said Juan Franco, CEO, Paymentez.

Currently, thousands of Internet users in Latin America use Paymentez on a daily basis to buy virtual credits, in person with cash at retail locations and Internet cafes, as well as through the Paymentez online gateway which include both international and local credit cards, bank transfers and SMS. During the last year alone, over four million users have used Paymentez services. Since its introduction, Paymentez has processed over 11.5 million transactions. The platform is currently available in 500,000 retail points of sale along with the online payment platform. Paymentez is expanding its network to include more than 1 million retail points of sale by this time next year.

As a company pioneering the virtual content monetization sector, Paymentez has experienced an outstanding rate of growth since its inception in early 2011. This has prompted the need to expand operations and led to the opening of new offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mexico City, Mexico, and Bogata, Colombia.

CMZ Artix Entertainment: "Brazil represents the fastest growing user-base of players for Artix Entertainment's online games, especially AdventureQuest Worlds. Using Paymentez's payment solutions, Brazilian players are able to purchase memberships and in-game currency online, in store or via their cell phones," said Adam Bohn, CEO/Founder of Artix Entertainment. "We have seen sales double in Brazil since integrating Paymentez as a payment system."

CMZ Spil Games: "One of Spil Games' differentiators is localizing our offerings to different cultures and languages," said Johan Lofstrom, vice president of end user monetization Spil Games. "We realize the importance of local companies to help us do that and Paymentez's expertise in this area has been of great benefit to us." 

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