TT upgrades X_Trader

Source: Trading Technologies International

Trading Technologies International (TT), a leading global provider of software and solutions for professional derivatives traders, today released a groundbreaking upgrade to the TT trading platform, including the flagship X_Trader order-entry screen and the Strategy Engine (SE) proximity-based execution servers.

The new release of X_TRADER, version 7.11, features ADL (Algo Design Lab), a revolutionary visual programming platform that allows traders and programmers alike to design, test and deploy custom automated trading programs without writing a single line of code. Using drag-and-drop building blocks that offer extensive design flexibility, virtually anyone can construct sophisticated trading programs in a fraction of the time required by traditional manual programming. Blocks convert to well-tested code to eliminate the possibility of syntax errors, while feedback and warnings guard against undesirable algorithm behavior. Executable strategies can be safely generated in hours or days rather than weeks or months, allowing traders to act on fleeting market opportunities in timeframes that were previously thought to be impossible.

In addition to ADL, X_TRADER 7.11 incorporates new synthetic order functionality, order slicing capabilities, advanced spread trading features and powerful usability enhancements. X_TRADER also includes the new TT SIM™, a robust client-side trading simulator. TT SIM enables users to learn X_TRADER, practice their trading skills, verify API solutions and test trading strategies, including programs created with ADL, against a live production price feed without putting real money at risk.

"With ADL in the spotlight, this platform upgrade represents the most substantial collection of enhancements to the TT product line in several years," said Harris Brumfield, CEO of TT. "We believe that ADL, with its intuitive interface, extreme flexibility, and built-in safety measures, will significantly change the way our customers approach and leverage algorithmic trading."

In addition, TT has upgraded and expanded its Strategy Engine (SE) family of execution servers, which minimize execution latency through proximity-based computing and co-location. The SE line now includes three highly scalable, high-performance products forr algorithmic, synthetic and spread trading:
• The new Algo Strategy Engine (Algo SE), launched in conjunction with ADL, is a server-class product that provides the ability to deploy and run custom algorithms developed using ADL.
• First introduced in 2010, Synthetic Strategy Engine (Synthetic SE) has been upgraded to incorporate new duration order types, functionality and usability enhancements for server-side execution of synthetic orders. Synthetic SE is a powerful tool that allows users to trade synthetic order types that aren't natively supported by an exchange.
• Autospreader® Strategy Engine (Autospreader SE), which was launched in 2009, leverages TT's market-leading Autospreader interface for inter-exchange and intra-exchange spread trading. Autospreader SE now provides powerful new settings that enhance quoting performance for spread traders.

The new TT platform components, including X_TRADER 7.11, ADL, TT SIM and the SE execution servers, are now available worldwide. 

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