Fime joins Gixel smart card group

Source: Fime

Fime, leader in consulting and integration testing services and tools for smart devices and secure chip-based applications, has joined Gixel Smart Card Group (Gixel), the industry organisation for the promotion and development of smart card-based e-identity solutions in France.

With over 80,000 cases of identity theft per year (according to the French Ministry of Interior), the French e-identity, data protection and privacy market is now gaining momentum in a bid to reduce identity fraud and streamline government services.

As a partner member, FIME will work with GIXEL to develop and promote the IAS-ECC (Identification Authentication Electronic Signature - European Citizen Card) Specification, which was created by GIXEL for the French e-identity projects. FIME will also contribute its expert global knowledge to the association with specific reference to the standardisation, testing and certification of smart card-based e-identity solutions.

Pascal Le Ray, CEO at FIME, comments: "With the French e-identity market growing at 4.2 percent per year*, membership to GIXEL provides an ideal platform for us to be at the forefront of discussions within this sector. It will also enable us to align future technical advances with commercial considerations and market requirements."

Marie Figarella, Chairperson at GIXEL, explains the purpose of the GIXEL Smart Card Group as follows: "This industry requires standardisation, not as a method of protection but as a tool for interoperability. At GIXEL, we believe that we must go over and above standardisation alone by promoting ecosystems. This ensures that products launched in the smart card market comply with functional specifications as well as provide ease of use, interoperability, security and privacy protection. Our results are the product of investment by companies active within standardisation bodies or other organisations, such as the GIXEL Smart Card Group".

FIME's decision to join GIXEL is in line with the company's core objective to advance the deployment of interoperable and secure smart card-based solutions.

* Frost & Sullivan report entitled: 'Quantitative Global Forcaster', 2011. 

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